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Community bug and discussion tools will be available soon. Still trying to finish them all up.

Welcome to the Chameleon Beta

The Beta is here, and we are excited that it is finally in your hands so that we can get your feedback. There is still a lot that we are working on, features to add, and performance issues to address.

Our beta release is for testing out the core Chameleon system as well as the HTML5 widget platform. Bellow are what we are looking for from our Beta release.

What we want you to test

The purpose of the Chameleon Beta is to get a better understanding of how Chameleon works and performs on a larger variety of tablets. What we are looking for is device specific problems, as well as general Chameleon usage issues and bugs.

We are also looking at how well our Chameleon HTML5 widget platform works. Included in the Chameleon Beta are 5 different HTML5 widgets. We are looking for problems related to our caching system, integrated oAuth multi service system, as well as general widget and service errors.

Break it, Break it, Break it

Breaking Chameleon is the best thing you can do. If you can't break it, well then you aren't testing it hard enough. We want/need you to push Chameleon as hard as you can. If you don't we can't improve it. Since our team is so close to the project its hard for us to come up with every possible use case since we tend to use it how we see it being used. But some people have crazy ideas, and we want to know what those are.

Fixes and Updates

During the beta period we will be addressing submitted bugs as well as usability concerns. We are looking to do weekly releases with fixes and tweaks. These updates will go out through the Google Play Store and we will be outlining what issues we have fixed, outstanding issues we are working on, as well as any interfaces tweaks on The Beta Lab blog.

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