Beta Build – 0.7.9

  • August 16, 2012
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  • Posted by Phill ( @Chameleon_App )

We were focused mostly this week on addressing some minor pain points and adding a feature everyone has been asking about, custom wallpapers! All you have to do is either “Share” or “Open” an image with Chameleon to make it a wallpaper.

Starting next week our focus will shift towards performance and stability, as well as new widgets, which we are currently finishing up. We had to make a lot of additions to the Widget API for some of the upcoming widgets, so you will start seeing more widgets very soon.

We really appreciate everyone’s feedback and patience. We know there aren’t enough widgets, but believe me – they are coming! We will also be contributing significant resources towards improving Chameleon’s speed and stability before the V1.0 release.

Here are some of the things we’ve fixed/improved:

  1. Added ability to use custom wallpapers.
  2. Internet connection is no longer required when starting Chameleon.
  3. Users no longer need to enter their Google Play password during verification.
  4. Fixed issue where App Tray icons would sometimes be duplicated when getting App info.
  5. Improvements to Home Screen Manager interface.
  6. Improvements to Widget and Wallpaper icon graphics.
  7. Implemented additional Widget APIs in preparation for upcoming Widgets.

Here are some of the things we are still working on:

  1. GMail widget sometimes not working as expected.
  2. There aren’t enough widgets (no more widgets in this update, but subsequent updates will include more widgets).
  3. Widgets appearing blank (widget is still there, but no content is displayed).
  4. Widgets being drawn twice in the same area (text doubling).
  5. Chameleon can take a long time to start.
  6. Chameleon restarts when connecting/disconnecting from dock.
  7. Chameleon not working with ROM “X” (our current focus is on maximizing compatibility with official Android versions and tablets).

Submitting Bugs:

You can submit bugs to us here:

Bug Submission Form

But before you do, please make sure you review the Glossary so we are all using the same terminology:

Chameleon UI Glossary