Beta Build – 0.9.0

  • September 12, 2012
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  • Posted by Phill ( @Chameleon_App )

Chameleon Widget API Chameleon Widget API Chameleon Widget API

Chameleon Widget API

Chameleon Widget API

Chameleon Widget API

That’s right, we are starting to expose the Chameleon Widget API to light – meaning all you eager developers can start creating Widgets today! The API is still Beta – but we just couldn’t wait any longer, so over the coming weeks we will be working with you to improve both the API and supporting materials. We are just as excited as you are to start seeing those Widgets come to life!

To get started, just click the “Make a Widget” Widget and follow the instructions from there.

**NOTE: The new ‘Make a Widget’ widget won’t show up in build v0.9.0 due to a small slip up on our hands (currently only @teknision people can see it). There will be a small update early tomorrow to v0.9.1 to make it available to all. You can check out the API docs here until then -

Here are some of the things included in this build:

  1. Fixed problem with Chameleon crashing on dock/undock with some Samsung devices.
  2. Re-designed Dashboard switching prompt (for context changes).
  3. Reduced memory footprint.
  4. Updated “Edit Conditions” view to work better on high-res devices.
  5. Fixed issue with custom wallpapers on high-res devices.
  6. Miscellaneous bug and crash fixes.
  7. Updated grid layout for 10″ portrait mode and 7″ landscape mode.
  8. All widgets were updated to work with the new grid layouts.
  9. Added Widget API and ability to create your own Widgets.

Here are some of the things we are still working on:

  1. Widgets sometimes not working as expected (still work in progress).
  2. There aren’t enough widgets (Calendar, Media and Google+ are on their way).
  3. Widgets appearing blank (widget is still there, but no content is displayed).
  4. Widgets being drawn twice in the same area (text doubling).
  5. Chameleon can take a long time to start (this has been improved, and will get better with subsequent updates).
  6. Chameleon not working with ROM “X” (our current focus is on maximizing compatibility with official Android versions and tablets).
  7. The Weather widget will be getting a major overhaul.

Submitting Bugs:

You can submit bugs to us here:

Bug Submission Form

But before you do, please make sure you review the Glossary so we are all using the same terminology:

Chameleon UI Glossary