Beta Build – 0.9.5 – Release Candidate!

  • September 17, 2012
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  • Posted by Ian ( @giroguy )

I want to start this off with something clever and entertaining that is both whimsical and hilarious. After being up for 25 or so hours straight, nothing awesome comes to mind. I wonder what ever happened to the Care Bears….?? Did they invent rainbows or was that unicorn sheep? Nyan Cat? Why was there no cartoon parody of Teddy Ruxpin on Drawn Together…??

The team started the week early on Saturday working through a variety of performance and memory usage enhancements. Some other goodies have also been added. One all nighter later and we bring your Beta Build v0.9.5. With everything that has been cleaned up in this build, we are ready to label this as a ‘Release Candidate’.

It has been a long couple months yet we feel the finish line is right at our feet. The team has been dedicated and tireless in their efforts to get Chameleon to this stage. We also want to thank everyone who has been submitting bugs and communicating with us in the forum. You feedback has been invaluable. Keep it coming.

Here are some of the things included in this build:

  1. Added Dashboard Manager animations when adding/deleting a Dashboard.
  2. App Tray icons no longer get cut-off by some devices.
  3. Additional start-up time improvements.
  4. Fixed a major bug in the web views used for widgets causing bloated memory.
  5. Home Screens now go into an ‘Sleepy’ mode when inactive for a period of time.
  6. Fixed issue where widgets still sometimes appeared blank (fingers crossed).
  7. Fixed issue where widgets sometimes appear to be continually loading.
  8. There is now a max of only 4 home screens.
  9. Added “Shout-Outs” section, to make our Kickstarter backers famous! Thanks for the support.
  10. Can now post tweets/updates from Twitter and Facebook Widgets when the native apps are installed.
  11. Added, updated and finalized the default Chameleon wallpapers.

Here are some things we are still working on:

  1. Gmail widget is still blocking a lot of authentication requests.
  2. Google+ widget is coming soon.
  3. Calendar widget is coming soon.

Submitting Bugs:

You can submit bugs to us here:

Bug Submission Form

But before you do, please make sure you review the Glossary so we are all using the same terminology:

Chameleon UI Glossary