Chameleon Launcher 2

  • March 7, 2013
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  • Posted by Chameleon ( @Chameleon App )

The teasing and taunting is over. The new Chameleon Launcher experience for your tablets and now your phones has arrived. Passion, dedication and hard work over the last several months have driven our team to this point. Chameleon Launcher 2

Phone support wasn’t our only goal, but it did drive a lot of the user experience changes. Performance and stability were also a primary focus. We have rewritten a lot of the core system as well as enhanced a lot of the overall experience.

The New

The biggest new feature of course is Chameleon is now optimized for your phone. We support phones with screen resolutions of 720 x 1280 and up.

We have updated the Home Screen and Context system for a better experience from small screens to large screens. Chameleon previously had one home screen per context. This wasn’t optimal for phones due to the lack of available real estate for widgets. Each context home screen in Chameleon now allows you to have three pages of widgets apps and folders per contextual home screen. Even for large tablets. This allows much more information to be available to you for each context.

All widgets have updated to work across across various screen sizes and resolutions. A couple have received added enhancements. Widgets have been given new, bolder, header that house a new more button for greater functionality and expandability of features. No new widgets have been added yet since we were focused on strengthening the core experience. Chameleon does support the installation of third party Chameleon style widgets from community developers. They have even created their own site. Chameleon Widgets.

The Release

Today we are releasing a beta to our Kickstarter backers as well as pre-order supporters. This beta will come through the Google Play store for those who have the free Chameleon Launcher apk. This update will allow you to run Chameleon on supported tablets as well as phones. Phones we are targeting are those with at 720×1280 screen resolution and up. We will run the beta for a couple weeks in order to get enough feedback and bug reports to iron out the last remaining issues.

Once the beta has completed, we will be releasing the new version to everyone who has purchased Chameleon Launcher through the Play Store. This update will again allow you to run Chameleon on your supported tablets as well as supported phones.

A phone only version of Chameleon Launcher will also be released at $2.99. The currently available version for Chameleon, at $3.99, will remain as a bundle for tablets and phones. All versions will of course get all the updates at the same time.

We will have more for you next week so stay tuned. We are tired, but excited at the same time to get this new version available to everyone.

Thank you again to all our backers and supporters.