Chameleon v1.0 Release

  • September 18, 2012
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  • Posted by Ian ( @giroguy )

Eight hours of sleep were captured last night and I can now confirm that rainbows are a product of Nyan Cat.

The Chameleon team is sporting ‘weekend warrior’ status as we have been driving up performance and beating down memory usage and bugs. We are now also able to give Chameleon its legendary v1.0 status. We won’t lie, some beer has been consumed in celebration of major fixes and enhancements over the last couple days.

It has been 3 long months (including nights and weekends) since we started our successful Kickstarter campaign. There have been bumps along the road, like any project, but our dedicated team has worked hard to sweat it out and overcome the greatest of challenges to deliver you the best experience possible. Some may have gone a little crazy, but we made it.

We are pleased to announce that we have stayed true to our goals and have pushed Chameleon v1.0 live in line with our mid September release window. We are pleased to be part of the 25% of Kickstater projects that have successfully released on-time. Version 1.0 does not signal the end of the project, only a solid foundation for the beginning of a long roadmap of features that we can’t wait to share and get into everyone’s hands.

To everyone who participated in the Beta and provided feedback, you were key in getting Chameleon to where it is today. We really appreciate everyone’s feedback, support and patience as we worked through all the issues. Just because we are at v1.0 does not mean the feedback and bug reporting is over. Any feedback is always appreciated. Good and bad.

With this release we have also pushed up the new site, as well as updated our Chameleon Dev API site. Be sure to check them out! The beta forum and The Lab blog will remain open. The bug form will forward to our new Support page. Keep the feedback flowing!

Here are some of the things included in this build:

  1. Fixed the “blank widget” problem. (For real this time [we think...]).
  2. Deactivated Dashboard Sleeping. (Needs a bit more work). They will appear as sleeping at startup, though.
  3. 7″ Tablets can now have 5 Dashboards. 10″ are limited to 4.

Here are some of the things we are still working on:

  1. Sometime Gmail/Twitter widget can’t authenticate (this is because you need to be on automatic time)
  2. Calendar widget coming really soon.
  3. Google+ widget coming soon.


Now the fun starts!

- Chameleon Team