Chameleon v1.1

  • October 16, 2012
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  • Posted by Ian ( @giroguy )

Introducing the next major release of Chameleon, v1.1. It may may sound like a minor update but we have major feature additions, lots more performance enhancements, and a medley of UI refinements/tightening across the Chameleon app and its widgets.

You guys have been patiently (or impatiently :P) waiting for this juicy update. So diving right in with our biggest feature additions. First up being the most anticipated.

Native Android Widget Support

Thats right, Chameleon widgets and native Android app widgets can now live side by side on your home screens. Android widgets in Chameleon work exactly as they would on the standard Android launcher, even while living inside our grid block containers. It’s almost like unicorns are real!

Adding Android widgets to your Chameleon home screens is easy. On Android Jelly Bean (4.1+) in the widget layout editor, just go under the widgets option and go to the Android widgets tab.

If you are using Honeycomb (3.2) or Ice Cream Sandwich (4.0), in the widget layout editor under the the widgets option, there will be a green ‘Native Widgets’ widget that you can use. This will pop you a list of the widgets you have installed. Just select one and it’s magically on your home screen.

Chameleon Widget SDK 1.1

One of the big, yet hidden features of v1.1 is the updates to the Widget SDK. There is a lot of plumbing that has been added that allows for access to local device data using Android Services. The Chameleon Widget API docs will be updated in the near future with details and examples.

We have also published a design section on the make a widgets documentation site outlining how to handle CSS markup for your widgets, and handling widget resizing. You can find that here.

Twitter Widget

The Twitter widget has gotten the biggest boost out of all the widgets in this update. There are now inline options for reply, retweet and favorite. Retweeted tweets are also now displayed as per Twitters display guidelines. The cherry on the top of this enticing sunday is the ability to display your lists. Yummy.

Calendar Widget

For those who need to stay super organized, the calendar widget now supports an All Calendar view as well as an Events List view.

Here is the full change log for this release

  1. Added support for native Android Widgets.
  2. Added new widget API hooks for more access to local device data.
  3. All widget account selectors now have the ability to remove accounts.
  4. Rebuilt the Home Screen and Layout Editor to drastically improve performance.
  5. Improved transitions between the Home Screen and Layout Editor.
  6. Widget Title Bar UI elements now have hit states.
  7. Widget selection UI now has hit states.
  8. Updated the Twitter widget with inline access to reply, retweet and favorite. Widget now properly displays retweeted tweets. Added support for lists.
  9. Updated Google Calendar widget with All Calendars view and Event List views.
  10. Facebook widget got UI facelift.
  11. Fixed and and issue with the Facebook widget loosing authentication when swapping between WiFi networks.
  12. The YouTube widget properly displays cached content in a no-internet offline mode.
  13. Improved start-up time.
  14. Fixed several bugs, including issues where Chameleon might freeze on start-up.
  15. Several minor UI tweaks and improvements.
  16. Adding new Wallpapers is now more responsive.