Pre-Release Registration

In order for us to get Chameleon into your hands - we need to pair your Kickstarter ( or pre-order ) email address to your Google Play account email address. This will allow you to download and unlock Chameleon from the Google Play Store.

Email Invite Required For Verification

If you have not received and email inviting you to the beta, it is coming. We are rolling out the beta in waves. Each email has a unique registration link.


Kickstarter or Pre-Release Email Address

If this is not correct please contact

Your Google Play Store Account Email

This should be the email that you use to log into your Google Play Store account and the one you wish to use to download Chameleon. You Can Not Change This once you have authenticate Chameleon from the Play Store.

You will need a Google Play Store account in order to download Chameleon. If you don't have one yet, please head over here and set one up.

Retype Your Google Play Store Account Email